Creative Movement Classes (ages 3 - 5)

This is a 45 minute class that incorporates ballet, tap, tumbling and personality singing in a fun and creative atmosphere.  They experience the magic of dance through the use of songs, games, fairy tales and fun props. Children’s activities bring movement and coordination together for this youngest dancer.


Combination Classes (ages 5 – 9)

This is an introduction to ballet, tap and jazz.  Students will learn the basic steps from each discipline and form a strong foundation to build upon.


Ballet Classes

Ballet is a classical form of dance and is the foundation for all forms of dance.  It enhances strength, flexibility, coordination, poise, posture, self-confidence and grace.  Barre, center floor and progressions are used in developing ballet technique.


Pointe Classes

Students must be 13 years or older, have had at least two years of ballet, and currently enrolled in 1 ballet class per week plus an additional jazz or tap class per week. 



This dance form is based on the technique used in ballet and jazz.  Movements are usually slow and sustained with long lines and emotional expressive content.

Tap Classes

Tap is an essential factor in the training of rhythms and musicality.  Students learn timing and coordination while building on steps, progressions, turns and combinations.


Jazz Classes

Jazz is an energetic and fun way of moving.  It is the “melting pot” of dance.  Class consists of warm-ups, center floor combinations and across the floor progressions. Various styles will be explored.  Students will also learn routines to today’s music.


Acro Classes

Acrobatics is similar to the floor routines done in Gymnastics.  Students will work on tumbling skills on an individual basis.


Hip Hop Classes

Hip Hop is a rhythmic, fun and energetic freestyle dance form to up to date music.  This style of dance was made popular by music videos.  Student should have training in jazz.


                     2021-22 Backstage Calendar
September 6
Closed for Labor Day
September 30
Costume Deposit Due
October 4-8
Closed for Fall Break
November 23-26
Closed for Thanksgiving Break
November 11
Costume Balance Due

Dec. 20– January 2
Closed for Christmas Break
January 3Classes resume
March 14-18
Closed for Spring Break
March 25
Program Ad Due (optional)

March 25, 26 & 28
Picture Day
April 7
Recital Fee Due
May 1 – 31
Pre-registration with discount for CURRENT BPA students (tuition ½ price)
April 25-28
Last week of classes
May 3, 5 & 7
Rehearsal & Recital Week (LCA)

                      2021- 22 Tuition Rates

30-45 min...............$48
1-1.25 hrs ..…......$50
1.5-1.75 hrs ….....$60
2-2.25 hrs …........$70
2.5-2.75 hrs …..…..$80
3-3.75 hrs …..….....$95
4-4.75 hrs ……..…..$105
5-5.75 hrs ……..……$115
6-6.75 hrs .….......$125
7-7.75 hours……....$135
8+ hours ……...….…$145
Recital Costumes range in price
from $55 - $75.

507 West College Street   Fayetteville, TN 37334    931.433.4168


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